Jump in Jump out…Introduce Yourself

My Name Is Alex, and I’m a student…(not) gonna be a student…for the rest of my life (for the rest of his life)!

I’m Alex Gudich-Yulle, a first-semester Senior at GMU and this blog is for a class entitled “Social Movements and Community Activism.” I was born in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine and grew up in San Francisco,  California. I dropped out of high school, got my GED and started working as a Real Estate Agent. After an unproductive and unsuccessful year I decided to enroll in community college and begin making my way towards a university. I am now studying Organizational Administration at George Mason’s New Century College focusing my studies on the Nonprofit Sector and Social Entrepreneurship. I am currently involved with a new student organization on campus called Mason ChangeMakers. We’re trying to transform GMU into a school that cultivates the social responsibility that is required to bring our country and world into the 21st century. Mason ChangeMakers works to promote and involve students in activities related to social entrepreneurship and something we call “ChangeMaking” which is, simply put, moving the world in a more positive direction. The student organization is also involved in a new initiative known as Fairfax Cares, which is working to mobilize resources to help nonprofits that deliver emergency services deal with the extraordinary increase in demand caused by the economic crisis. Ask me for more info at Agudichy@gmu.edu

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