Bringing Down a Dictator

Bringing Down a Dictator

I absolutely loved the documentary Bringing Down a Dictator, which was screen in our class on Global Social Movements. The Otpor! student movement is one that should inspire people of my generation all around the world. These students gathered together to promote freedom and liberty for their country under the iron-fisted ruler Slobodan Milosevic. The video was awe-inspiring in that it totally showed what the power of a dedicated group of people with a righteous cause can do. The key successes of the Otpor! movement, in my opinion, were their rightful claims, their nonviolent tactics, their ability to coordinate and mobilize groups across the country, and their branding (I loved the spray-painted closed fist). It was amazing to see this group of young people truly revolutionize and transform a country, bringing down its unrightfully dictator through the power of mobilization, rock concerts, civil disobedience, and mass gatherings. To watch all of Serbia converge on the capital and take it back for the people was awesome.

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