Anarchists and Anti-Globalizers

New Formulation is an anarchist journal that has merged with “Perspective on Anartchist Theory,” since the publishing of this manifesto. The document is called “The Theory of the Anti-Globalization Movement,” and attempts to frame the anti-globalization movement from an anarchist perspective. Because framing often takes place “within a multi-organizational field,” each organization often prognostically frames the movement in ways that often “refute the logic or efficacy of solutions advocated by opponents as well as rationale for its own remedies.”

“The [anti-globalization] movement’s anti-authoritarian, revolutionary character is currently under attack by an informal network of reformists…they hope to define the movement in a way that renders its most expansive, utopian potentials literally unthinkable. As important as it is to mobilize, anarchists will have to respond to this challenge on the theoretical terrain: we cannot afford to lose the battle of ideas.”

This excerpt literaly sounds like a “framing battle,” in which one group is calling upon its members to wage a framing war against components of the anti-globalization movement that are framing the movement in a way that is antithetical to the Anarachists’ views.

While I am wholly uninformed about the anti-globalization movement, in addition to the radical anarchist movement, I can definitely see the different elements of framing that Snow and Benford mention in their paper. These elements include things like prognostic framing, adversarial framing (painting the “reformists” as evil),  consensus-mobilization and action-mobilization.

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