Facebook Organized Protests Against Religious Hegemony


People in Hong Kong fighting against religious hegemony and internet censorship used twitter and facebook to organize a large protest without the support of any NGO’s or nonprofits. This is an awesome example of how technology can be utilized to launch and sustain social movements, even in countries where the government cracks down on dissident internet sites. Not only did people use twitter to organize and mobilize, but they were also live-tweeting from the rally itself, informing those who could not, or did not want to, make it down, about the happeneings.

” In the history of religion in Hong Kong, the date Feburary 15, 2009 will be remembered.

On that day, several hundred citizens (mostly netizens) marched in the streets to “support the values of civic society and oppose right-wing religious hegemony.””

Now what really makes this a social movement is the framing of the debate. A blogger writes about the fact that internet-based social movement mobilization is only successful if it is fighting AGAINST something. Creating an us vs. them, victim vs. oppressor, framing:

“Such mobilization tendency in “attacking other” has changed social movement structurally. We cannot just mobilize based on our belief but have to wait until someone has done something, or someone becomes a subject for attack in order for the mobilization to be effective. The organizers for the 215 rally position themselves in the civil society, however, the civil society has been there, how do we explain its sudden emerges? Why it can grow so quickly in the facebook, with the speed like more than 200 members per day? Mainly because this group is called “Anti” conservative Christian hegemony.

“Don’t Fok: If we don’t speak up this time, no one else will speak up for us. fuck the hegemonist everyday!!!”


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