Most Surprising?

Honestly, the thing I have found most surprising about the field of social movements is that it is “a field.” Granted its not a field like “Communications,” or “Economics,” and one that will most likely NOT lead to employment (especially in this economy) but the academic field of inquiry around the entire realm of social movements is incredibly interesting. It’s not terribly “surprising” just because of the fact that I think academics can inquire into just about anything, build theories around it, and then argue about those theories. But the field of social movements has a good deal of boundaries, fine lines, and common definitions. I think it’s great that people have studied the art of social movements and attempted to turn vast amounts of information into knowledge, and even wisdom, about the issue. Their work will  undoubtedly useful for those that plan and execute social movements in the future. I’m just suprised that things are so acutely defined; i.e. WUNC Displays etc.


One Response to “Most Surprising?”

  1. allikfeldhaus Says:

    i felt the same way! i was really surprised that there are so many social movements out there and that the definition is so broad, but so finite at the same time.

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