I found the media coverage of the g20 protests to be terrible. As you said in class, as soon as they break one window it becomes all the hype and that’s what the media tends to focus on. Now I think people always tend to criticize the media, talking about how they’re run by big corporations or are trying to control society. I dunno if I buy all that. I don’t think they’re wholly perfect, I just think they’re entertainment based, money-making enterprises and so whatever sells is what the news folks give us. And since the American population has been so unfortunately dumbed down, due to our 39% college graduation rate and terrible public school system, I don’t think that heartfelt intellectual discussions about the nature of protest or the claims that these protesters were making would sell very well to this zombie-mass of American media viewers. What does sell is violence, sex, and sensationalism so that’s all we ever get from our mainstream media; oh and fear, don’t forget fear. We can definitely see, however, why a large media corporation like Viacom or others, would try to subvert the claims made by these protesters, and the anti-globalization protesters in Seattle. Media giants are interested in free and unregulated markets, an infinite international market to move into, and money money money mooooonaaaay(!). Rather than reporting, and thus giving credence to, the claims being made, they just paint all protesters as radical annarachists so that they are much easier to ignore by the general population, because heaven forbid that people might actually start questioning the unquestionable capitalist system of western cultural and commercial colonization…


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