Boycott Israel

With people all over the world becoming  increasingly impatient with Zionism and the racist overtones which rule Israeli government politics, more and more people are advocating for a boycott and divestment from Israel. Boycott and Divestment are interesting tools that use a financial disincentive to promote change by a given government. The link above talks about the Canadian Postal Workers Union, numbering 50,000 postal workers, agreeing to boycott, divest, and sanction (BDS) israel to stand insolidarity with Palestinian workers. “The union would “call on other Canadian unions to join us in lobbying against the apartheid-like practices of the Israeli state and call for immediate dismantling” of the Zionist apartheid wall.”

The Canadian Postal Workers were the first union to boycott the Apartheid practices of South Africa and they are now the first north american union to boycott the apartheid practices of israel. Building on “more than 100 years of Palestinian resistance to “the Zionist conquest”…and began because “the international official efforts of bringing peace with any measure of justice to Palestine had miserably failed.”

It seems when official pathways to asking governments to impose their own sanctions fall through, large groups of workers like unions can play a big role in boycotting and divesting although a large movement of unions would be neccessary to make a dent in Israel’s mind-set and hurt it financially. Without some pain, israel wont think twice about what its doing, no matter how many people cry out about it. Also, so long as governments, especially the US government, continue supporting and standing hand in hand with the Israeli government, nothing will change.


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